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A well behaved dog; is that possible for me?

Dogs. You love them to death. But, dogs can be a big responsibility and a lot of trouble. Problems can arise and no matter what you do, they just won't go away.

Just *some* of the problems that can arise:

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Stealing items from counter tops
  • Destruction
  • Jumping on people
  • Easily over excited
  • Guarding objects/people
  • Endless barking
  • Fence fighting with neighbor's dogs
  • Won't come when called
  • Soiling in the house

PAWSitive Approach can provide solutions to any of these dog problems, plus many more; solutions that work. With PAWSitive Approach dog training, yes, you can have a well behaved dog.

What Clients have to say:

  • "She is not just another positive reinforcement trainer, she is a great one and I see results quickly..."
  • "My whole family strongly recommends Kathy for her unique skill in connecting to pets and owners and her kind and positive method of training."
  • "She takes the time to look at each problem with excitement in finding the solution that works for not only Boo, but me. She treats us as a team and identifies what I can do better to help Boo and me reach our goals..."
  • "These Pawsitive Approach tools which Kathy is able to provide us will go a long way toward making Annie a much better puppy ..."

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PAWSitive Approach offers custom, in-home private dog and puppy training lessons, in Northern Colorado, including Berthoud, Longmont, and Loveland.

Why PAWSitive Approach?
  • We come to you; dog training in your home!
  • Dog and puppy training solutions that work!
  • One-on-one attention from a professional dog trainer.
  • Dog Training plans customized to your specific needs.
  • Professional, certified dog and puppy trainers.
  • 100% humane methods based on scientific research.
  • We provide resolutions to your dog problems!
  • Fast, effective results!
It's so easy!

In-Home Private Lessons

  • Convenient dog training: We come to you.
  • Customized dog training for your specific needs.
  • Fast, effective results.
  • Let us help you resolve your dog problems!
  • Puppy training packages specifically for new puppies.
    taught by a certified "Puppy Start Right" instructor
  • Basic obedience (Good Manners) package to save money while learning everyday behaviors.
  • Package of Custom lessons designed to your specific needs.

The PAWSitive Approach to dog training:

Puppy Classes|Longmont Loveland Berthoud COOur approach to dog training respects the intelligence of both you and your dog. Our approach is reward based and force-free, allowing the dog to problem solve, and figure out what to do all by himself! We heavily reward behaviors that we want to see again, and we remove reinforcement for behaviors that we do not want to see again! Our communication with dogs is as clear as it can be through the use of conditioned reinforcers (clickers), which mark the behaviors that we want to reinforce. And we will teach you how controlling the environment can help control/stop unwanted behaviors.

Say goodbye to frustration, anger, and inflicting pain, and say hello to enjoyment, laughter, and understanding. With PAWSitive Approach dog training, you are teaching your dog! Your dog learns, and hence the new behaviors you teach will stay with your dog for his life.

Would you like to bring fun and excitement into training your dogs? Laughter is a common occurrence during our training sessions with dogs, and the dogs burst with excitement when they know a training session is about to happen. Bring laughter and excitement into your training sessions as well; contact us for an appointment today.