The PAWSitive Approach to dog training:

Our approach to dog training respects the intelligence of both you and your dog. Our approach is reward based and force-free, allowing the dog to problem solve, and figure out what to do all by herself! We heavily reward behaviors that we want to see again, and we remove reinforcement for behaviors that we do not want to see again! Our communication with dogs is as clear as it can be through the use of conditioned reinforcers (clickers), which mark the behaviors that we want to reinforce. And we will teach you how controlling the environment can help control/stop unwanted behaviors.

Would you like to bring fun and excitement into training your dogs? Laughter is a common occurrence during our training sessions with dogs, and the dogs burst with excitement when they know a training session is about to happen. Bring laughter and excitement into your training sessions as well; just contact us for an appointment.

Equipment required for training lessons:

  • flat buckle collar, or harness
  • 5 - 6 foot leash (no retractables please)
  • clicker
  • tasty treats

A free clicker is included with class enrollment.

Regarding the collar: We feel strongly that flat buckle collars, harnesses, or properly fitted Martingale collars are the ONLY restraints that should ever be used on a dog. We strongly discourage the use of pain inducing equipment such as choke chains, pinch collars, electric (shock) collars, etc. If you feel that you can not live without the use of a pain inducing piece of equipment, please contact us, to give us a chance to prove that it is very possible to control your dog without the use of pain!!

PLEASE NOTE: We offer dog training and puppy training to the following areas: Berthoud, Longmont, Loveland, Hygiene, Lyons, Niwot, Gunbarrel, Johnstown, Mead, and Milliken Colorado.


With our private dog training lessons, you will receive one-on-one, personal attention with a qualified, professional dog trainer. Our private lessons are led by a certified training partner of the Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training. And our private lessons are convienent as well; we come to you!


  • Do you have a new puppy and need some help?
  • Is your puppy still using your home as a potty, no matter what you do?
  • Is your puppy destroying your home?
  • Tired of sharp puppy teeth, and having no luck keeping those teeth off of you?

Our Puppy Preschool package will be perfect for you and your puppy! Taught by a "Puppy Start RIght" certified instructor.


  • Troubles getting your dog to listen to you?
  • Want your dog to come when you call him?
  • Will your dog sit or lay down when asked?
  • Need to teach your dog how to chill out?

Our Good Manners package will help you with all of this, plus much more!


  • Does your dog go crazy pulling and/or barking while you're trying to have a nice walk?
  • Are your dogs fighting with each other?
  • Is your dog jumping all over everyone and totally out of control?
  • Is your dog afraid of her own shadow?
  • Is your adult dog still using your home as a potty?
  • Does your dog drive you crazy with excessive barking?

Our Custom Lessons package will help address your specific problems.

For more details, visit our Private Lessons page.

Training tips:

  • Keep training sessions short and happy. We recommend 2 or 3, 3 to 5 minute sessions per day.
  • Always set your dog up for success!
  • If you click, you MUST treat (even if you click by accident).
  • When shaping, give your dog time to think, and problem solve.
  • Work on only one behavior during a given training session.Puppy Classes|Longmont Loveland Berthoud Colorado
  • Play with your dog everyday.
  • Remember that it is the dog that gets to decide what is rewarding, and what is not.
  • If your dog is ignoring your treats, try moving further from the distraction, and/or using different, yummy treats!
  • Keep in mind distraction, duration and distance when training.
  • Use high value items in the environment for powerful rewards for your dog (Ask us how).
  • Work on sits, downs, stays, etc. while emptying the dishwasher.
  • NEVER let your dog pull you to where he wants to go (Ask us why).
  • Dogs are not good at generalizing. This explains why he can sit beautifully in your living room, but looks at you like you're crazy when you ask him to sit in your group class!
  • Distance is your friend. If your dog is acting up, try moving further away from whatever might be distracting him.
  • Kongs are a GREAT way to keep your dog entertained, and also wear him out!

Want to learn more? Visit our Dog Training Blog!