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Fearful dog training in Longmont CO

"Kathy is a very knowledgable and very talented trainer. My adopted dog Lucy, had a rough start in life and she was very afraid of people. Kathy helped me understand how to help Lucy learn to trust people. Kathy is a very good communicator and she gave me valuable insights into Lucy’s behavior plus the positive training techniques needed to help my pup. Thanks to Kathy, Lucy has come a long way in just a few months. I don’t think you could find a better dog trainer for you and your dog!"

Wendy & Lucy
Longmont, CO

Puppy Training, Dog Training in Loveland, Longmont, Mead, Berthoud, Lyons, Johnstown & Hygiene Colorado

"Loved, loved, loved working with Kathy! Professional, ethical, considerate. She met all my expectations and dealt with every single question and puppy problem immediately. She is brilliant when it comes to handling my pup and his bazillion challenges. It's apparent she loves her job and has a keen affection for dogs. It was a huge priority to me to have a well-mannered dog and with Kathy's help, Pippin is on his way! Thank you Kathy!"

Cathi & Pippin
Loveland, CO

deaf blind dog training review from Berthoud Colorado

"I highly recommend Pawsitive Approach for dog/owner training. Kathy is very professional, explains concepts well and fully demonstrates techniques for use in effective dog training. I saw measurable results quickly after we contacted her due to my two dogs having skirmishes. I feel confident that I now have the tools to continue training my dogs.

I had a special situation with a blind and deaf dog and we were still able to get her on the right track, so do not hesitate to contact PAWSitive Approach Dog Training, even if you think your issue cannot improve."

Caleb, Jennifer, Carson, Maya & Copper
Berthoud, CO

Dog Training Down review from Berthoud CO

"We recently got two puppies and I was very nervous that they would be terrors and destroy my house, so I hired PAWSitive Approach Dog Training to help me train as I had never trained an animal in my life. I was very impressed by Kathy's dog training. She taught me so much in five sessions and I have been able to practice with the puppies almost daily and they have already learned so much and are doing great. One puppy is a Shiba Inu and the other is a German Shepherd and Kathy's puppy training has worked with both. I am very thankful for her help and for teaching me some tremendous tools for having good, obedient dogs without being harsh or aggressive with them. I hope to do more dog training sessions with PAWSitive Approach Dog Training in the future."

Teresa, Hope & Star
Berthoud, CO

Dog Training Hiking review from Longmont

"We found PAWSitive Approach Dog Training via an internet search and I'm glad we did! We talked about what things we wanted to do with our new puppy in the end (hiking off leash being a major goal) and Kathy tailored a dog training plan to that approach. To put it short, her dog training methods really work, and work really well. While he is still young, he comes every time when I call him, and comes running, even in high distraction environments, like at the dog park. I am glad we found Kathy as we have a great foundation for a life time together with our puppy."

Andrew, Katie, Gunner & August
Longmont, CO

Puppy training in Lyons Colorado review

"We are first time dog owners and our choice was a wonderful, smart, energetic Jack Russell Terrier. We had read books and watched videos before the puppy arrived but those things did not prepare us at all for our little, naughty, energetic pet.

PAWSitive Approach Puppy Training was with us since a week after we got our puppy. I have to say if it was not for Kathy we would have been completely lost. From the time we signed up with Pawsitive Approach, Kathy trained our puppy and us to co-exist in harmony. She took her time and was very patient and understanding with us and the puppy. Our puppy Ari loves her and her positive ways have made a profound difference not just with the puppy but in a general way we approach things in our day to day life. We now have a a really happy 7 month old puppy and we are really happy owners. I could not imagine what we would have done without Kathy's guidance.

At first, I was little skeptical of the puppy training methods but once we were at it and practiced it daily, it all made sense and worked perfectly. PAWSitive Approach's puppy training methods are so kind for the pet and the owners. We are life long fans and in debt to Kathy for helping us to do our best by our puppy Ari. My whole family strongly recommends Kathy for her unique skill in connecting to pets and owners and her kind and positive method of puppy training. I don’t think you will find a person who will genuinely love your pet and care about their well being more than Kathy."

Karthik, Dhivya, Isha, Ashi, and Ari
Lyons, CO

Dog training multiple dogs in Loveland review

"I contacted PAWSitive Approach Dog Training because my 9 year old dog was barking constantly at nothing at all. With Kathy's help I was able to teach my dog cues to stop her barking, teach manners for both of my dogs (9 and 3 years old), and I now understand my dog's behavior and body language.

Kathy provided us with tools to exercise the dog's minds and bodies. Our household is now a much calmer one and I have control. I would highly recommend PAWSitive Approach Dog Training to anyone struggling with your dog's behavior; Kathy is calm and knowledgeable. My dogs enjoyed having her to the house as much as I did, if not more!"

Jessica, Batty, and Shai
Loveland, CO

Dog Training Down review from Loveland CO

"While I have a short quiet moment, I want to thank you for your service to our family. In particular I am grateful for your conscientious efforts to maximize the benefit of each of our lessons, your compassion for dogs coupled with a sympathetic ear for the challenges of their families, and the expertise, humility, authenticity and generosity you bring to your work.

I am a more aware and reflective human for the experiences you brought to our lives.

In connection,"

Brynn & Koda
Loveland, CO

Dog Training in Longmont review

"PAWSitive Approach/Kathy has been training Comet my Black Lab puppy for about 18 weeks now and I have nothing but positive things to say about Kathy's dog training results, work ethic, punctuality and kindness to my dog. She also gives me a nice summary after each lesson going over what was worked on and how he did.

I have had trainers in the past that did not use positive reinforcement and I did not like those methods and found them to be counter productive. Kathy is not just another positive reinforcement dog trainer, she is a great one and I see results quickly. I have her training Comet many things apart from the standard sit, down and stay, etc.... Comet adores her and is eager to please her and gets very excited to see her and sad when she leaves. I will continue to use PAWSitive Approach Dog Training to teach my dog new things and reinforce the old."

Doug and Comet
Longmont, CO

Puppy Training review from Loveland

"PAWSitive Approach has been an incredible part of our puppies' early training. Because of Kathy, our puppies have an amazing foundation and are loving, polite and obedient. Kathy loves dogs and loves dog training!! Her being able to do in-home puppy training with great flexibility was essential for us as we have ever-changing schedules. Thank you Kathy!!"

Lisa, Dana, Halley, & Finlay
Loveland, CO

Dog Training review from Ft. Collins

"Thank you so much for the very best puppy training. Every session was so helpful. Kathy was wonderful with Sofie and I so appreciate all the resources and homework information. I loved our weekly sessions and enjoyed working with Kathy. I highly recommend Kathy and PAWSitive Approach Dog Training."

Avril & Sofie
Ft. Collins, CO

Puppy Training sit review from Longmont CO

"Kathy was incredibly patient with both me and my puppy! When we had set backs she was then incredibly encouraging telling me that training isn't linear. My puppy and I learned SO MUCH. The most powerful testimonial is that numerous people have commented on what a well behaved puppy my 17 week old puppy is. That's truly high praise. I tell everyone about Kathy and her Pawsitive Approach to puppy training."

Corey & Finn
Longmont, CO

Family dog training in Longmont Colorado review

"Our 2 year old Bichon, Annie, has a few demons (Kathy calls them monsters). Kathy has done a splendid job of teaching Nancy and I how to help Annie past these monsters and her progress has been very gratifying to see. These Pawsitive Approach dog training tools which Kathy is able to provide us will go a long way toward making Annie a much better puppy and we all truly appreciate all that Kathy has provided us in training. Thank you Kathy."

Nancy, Dave, Annie, and Missy
Longmont, CO

Puppy training in Berthoud Colorado

"I can't say enough about my experience with Pawsitive Approach puppy training. Being a new puppy Mom I needed the training as much as my puppy did and Kathy made me feel so comfortable from the very start. She was always available via email for my questions and concerns in between our training sessions. She was also always on time, which I really appreciate. Thanks again for setting Dawson and I on the right path!"

Dana and Dawson
Estes Park, CO (Dog training in Berthoud, CO)

Dog training review|Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud|Northern Colorado

"Boo and I have been working with PAWSitive Approach dog training for five weeks. Kathy, however, is not our first trainer but I'm confident she will be the last. I've actually been asked in the past to leave training sessions because of Boo's 'reactivity' issues. Not so with Kathy. She takes the time to look at each problem with excitement in finding the solution that works for not only Boo, but me. She treats us as a team and identifies what I can do better to help Boo and me reach our goal. Kathy understands that we progress at different intervals on different tasks... Boo is stubborn and I'm blonde. Point being? She is extremely patient as well as qualified. I couldn't be happier putting Boo's well-being in Kathy's hands."

Sue and Boo Radley
Wellington, CO (Dog training in Berthoud, CO)

Dog Training Pit Bulls review|Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud|Northern Colorado

"My dog Cheyenne is five years old, and although she is extremely smart, I did not know how she would do with training. PAWSitive Approach's dog training methods are so kind and allow your dog to think for themselves, which was perfect for Cheyenne. No harsh words, no "bad dog", Cheyenne flourished with the training. I could not recommend a better person for training your dog nor anyone who truly has your animals well-being first and formost."

April and Cheyenne
Brighton, CO (Dog training in Berthoud, CO)