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PAWSitive Approach Schedule for Dog & Puppy Training Lessons PAWSitive Approach Schedule for Dog & Puppy Training Lessons



  1. START WITH EVALUATION, DOG TALK OR PUPPY TALK: All dogs and puppies that are new to PAWSitive Approach, must attend an Evaluation, Dog Talk, or Puppy Talk session.

    EVALUATION: For behavior problems
    DOG TALK EVALUATION: Dog training for dogs 18 weeks and older
    PUPPY TALK EVALUATION: Dogs under 18 weeks old  

    The evaluations need to be attended only once.  Two or more dogs or puppies may attend the same evaluation.

  2. TO SCHEDULE YOUR EVALUATION, DOG TALK OR PUPPY TALK: Open our Dog Training Calendar.  Above the calendar you will see a "Service:" pull-down menu. Use this to choose either "Evaluation", "Dog Talk", or "Puppy Talk". Then click on the purple "Show Openings" button. This will show you the two-hour long purple blocks (use the small purple arrows along the top edge of the calendar to change weeks if you do not see any stand-alone purple blocks). Find a stand-alone purple block (not attached to a "Booked" gray block) under your preferred date and time, and click the purple block.

  3. CREATE AN ACCOUNT/LOG IN: After clicking on a large purple block, a new window will open.  If you are new to PAWSitive Approach, then click on the link to create a new account, otherwise use link to log into your account.

  4. FINISH SCHEDULING: Once you have created an account, or logged in, scheduling will continue.  Please choose "Evaluation", "Dog Talk", or "Puppy Talk" (for puppies under 18 weeks old), in the "Options" pull-down menu.  Then choose "New Dog", under the "Dog" pull-down menu. This will allow you to enter information about your dog/puppy. NOTE: If you do not see "Evaluation", "Dog Talk", or "Puppy Talk" in the "Options" pull-down menu, this means that the purple block you chose is not large enough to support a 2 hour evaluation, or, has already been scheduled with a one-hour lesson (gray "Booked" block attached to the purple block), and is not long enough to support a two-hour lesson.

  5. PAYMENT: Scheduling will complete with a request for payment.  Payment will confirm and reserve your lesson date and time. Payment is taken securely, online via PayPal. A PayPal account is not needed (scroll down to find the credit card option).

  6. QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS: If you have any questions or problems, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


  1. ATTEND EVALUATION, DOG TALK OR PUPPY TALK FIRST! (please see instructions above).
  2. PURCHASE PACKAGE: During your evaluation we will discuss how to best move forward to meet your dog training goals. At this time a package of lessons will be recommended to you. You will be able to purchase the package at the evaluation, or pay via an invoice I will email to you.
  3. SCHEDULE PACKAGE LESSONS: Once you have purchased a package, lesson credits for the package will be added to your account.  These credits will be used when you schedule your package lessons.  Please see instructions below on how to schedule your package lessons.



A package must be purchased first, BEFORE you can schedule your package lessons.

  1. Open the Dog Training Calendar.
    The STAND-ALONE solid purple blocks are available appointments. (Use the small purple arrows along the top edge of the calendar to change weeks) NOTE: Available appointments may be multiple weeks out.
  2. Hover/hold mouse over the purple blocks to view the appointment details.
  3. Click on the purple block to sign up for that time slot.
  4. Please log in, if asked ...

  5. Under the Option drop-down menu, choose the lesson name that matches the package you purchased.
  6. Under the Dog drop-down menu, choose your dog.
  7. At the bottom of the form, a question will appear asking you if you would like to use a package credit for the lesson - make sure the check-box is checked.
  8. Repeat steps 1 - 6 to schedule all your package lessons.