PAWSitive Approach LLC Positive Dog Training, serving Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Mead, Lyons, Mead Colorado
PAWSitive Approach Dog Behavior Modification, serving Loveland, Longmont, Berthoud Colorado PAWSitive Approach Dog Behavior Modification, serving Loveland, Longmont, Berthoud Colorado

We offer at-home dog behavior modification in Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Mead, Johnstown, Lyons, and Hygiene Colorado. .


We are currently not accepting the following behavioral issues (Please email us for referrals):

  • Aggression: snarling at, biting/attacking people.
  • Dog to dog aggression: biting/attacking other dogs

Our At-Home behavior modification lessons can provide solutions for dog behavior problems such as:

  • Leash reactivity: pulling, lunging, snarling/growling and barking while on leash.
  • Fearful dogs: Dog cowers, barks, hides, runs away, growls and possibly bites.
  • Dog barking problems: excessive barking, barking at neighbors, sounds, and/or other dogs.
  • Resource guarding: dog protective of items or people, growling or biting when approached.
  • Dog house training: Dog still isn't trained to potty outside.

These are just some of the dog behavior problems that you may be experiencing. If you do not see your dog's problems listed above, please contact us and tell us all about your specific dog behavior problem(s).


  1. FOR DOGS THAT NEED A BEHAVIOR CHANGE: All dogs new to PAWSitive Approach with behavioral issues must first attend an Evaluation before purchasing any lessons or packages. The evaluation will help us to determine which package will be best for you and your dog to achieve you goals.  
  2. SERVICE AREA: Please check to ensure that you are in our service area.
  3. SIGN UP: Click on the purple "Schedule Evaluation" button listed with the Evaluation description to start the sign-up process.
  4. QUESTIONS?  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  We will be happy to help you.

NOTE: We charge for time required.  We do not charge per dog. If you have more than one dog needing help, a larger package of lessons may be required.



dogs fighting, growling, acting crazy, pulling on leash, dog training lessons in Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud Colorado


An evaluation enables us to assess your situation and recommend a training plan that will best meet your needs.

We will meet in person and discuss your dog's behavior problems. I will complete a detailed behavior history and discuss how I can help you and your dog.

We'll continue with an introduction to dog behavior modification and dog communication. We will then get you started with some management strategies and training exercises.

Within 24 - 72 hours, you will receive an emailed summary report of the evaluation, along with any instructional documents needed and homework exercises.

The Evaluation includes:

  • One-on-one instruction from a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.
  • An evaluation of your dog, including an in-depth behavior history.
  • A customized management & training plan.
  • Introduction to our training methods.
  • A dog communication lesson.
  • Management tips, and training exercises, a.k.a. homework!
  • A detailed emailed report sumarizing the evaluation, instructional documents and homework.
  • Access to our PAWS Welcome folder and a goodie bag, including two free clickers!

Behavior Modification Lessons

Behavior modification is not used to train specific skills such as sit, down, come when called, etc. Behavior modification is used when we need to change how a dog responds when she is fearful, anxious, over stimulated, and or feeling protective. Behavior modification is a systematic approach that includes modifying the dog's emotions (what drives the dog's behavior).

With behavior modification we can lessen a dog's fear, convince a dog there is no reason to protect/guard, and help a dog to find peace and relaxation.

Just some of the behaviors that behavior modification can help resolve:

  • Leash reactivity: Dog is crazy pulling and/or barking/growling when another animal and/or human is spotted.
  • Resource guarding: dog guards objects, locations, people, and/or animals.
  • Fearfulness: dog cowers, hides, avoids people, animals or objects/situations.
  • Adult Potty training: dog goes potty in your home.
  • Excessive barking: dog barks endlessly at what seems like nothing.

PAWSitive Approach can provide behavior modification to help with any of these dog behavior problems, plus many more.

Behavior modification lessons are one-on-on, personalized help, from a professional certified dog trainer. We will help both you and your dog to resolve any dog behavior problems you may have, so that you can enjoy a peaceful life together.

Service areas:
We provide force-free, positive dog training in a 25 minute radius from our location in Berthoud, CO. This includes the cities of Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Lyons, Hygiene, Johnstown, and Mead Colorado.

We charge a travel fee for locations beyond our service area. Please see our Contact-Us page for details and cost.